Completing form fields with Puppeteer

Recently we had some issues with flakey e2e tests, which turned out to be caused by the Puppeteer page.type method sometimes not inputting the full text into form fields. In one case this resulted in a user account getting created as contri instead of contributoruser, with the following test failing as it wasn't able to... Continue Reading →

Switching to Automattic

After many years of commuting to a city office in a 5 speed manual I came across the opportunity to switch to Automattic, and ditch the commute altogether! I had been thinking about looking for a remote development role for some time, and while hunting for new opportunities at the end of 2018 I came... Continue Reading →

RxJs File Chunking & Uploading service

Recently I was presented with the challenge of writing some file upload components for a single page app. There are lots of existing upload libraries out there already, but due to an existing server side API that could not be changed I had trouble finding one that could do the job. The existing document processing... Continue Reading →

…. just moved here

I used to occasionally ramble over there ... but recently started working at Automattic, so thought I had better do some dog-fooding, so to speak, so now I will occasionally ramble here ... all opinions are mostly my own, but sometimes appropriated.

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